Apple Values, circa 1987

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In 1987, Apple had the Apple // and Macintosh product lines.)

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Our goal is to enhance our position as the innovator and premiere manufacturer of personal computers - the value leader, not the price leader. We intend to continue our strong sales growth worldwide. We will do this by concentrating on two key strengths:

Human Engineering — We build "friendly" products whose simplicity and ease of use make them natural extensions of their owners. First and foremost, we build computers for people.

Customer Service — We've created a worldwide network of servicing retailers, distribution sites, and technical support centers unmatched in the industry. Our ability to provide products and support when and where our customers need them is critical to our success.


Achieving our goal is important to us. But we're equally concerned with the way we reach it. These are the values that govern our business conduct.

Empathy for Customers/Users — We offer superior products that fill real needs and provide lasting value. We deal fairly with competitor, and meet customers and vendors more than halfway. We are genuinely interested in solving customer problems, and will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of profit.

Achievement/Aggressiveness — We set aggressive goals, and drive ourselves hard to achieve them. We recognize that this is a unique time, when our products will change the way people work and live. It's an adventure, and we're on it together.

Positive Social Contribution — As a corporate citizen, we wish to be an economic, intellectual, and social asset in communities where we operate. But beyond that, we expect to make this world a better place to live. We build products that extend human capability, freeing people from drudgery and helping them achieve more than they could alone.

Innovation/Vision — We built our company on innovation, providing products that were new and needed. We accept the risks inherent in following our vision, and work to develop leadership products which command the profit margins we strive for.

Individual Performance — We expect individual commitment and performance above the standard for our industry. Only this will we make the profits that permit us to seek our other corporate objectives. Each employee can and must make a difference for in the final analysis, individuals determine the character and strength of Apple.

Team Sprit — Teamwork is essential to Apple's success, for the job is too big to be done by any one person. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve Apple's effectiveness and quality of life. It takes all of us to win. We support each other, and share the victories and rewards together. We're enthusiastic about what we do.

Quality/Excellence — We care about what we do. We build into Apple® products a level of quality, performance, and value that will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.

Individual Reward — We recognize each person's contribution to Apple's success, and we share the financial rewards that flow from high performance. We recognize also that rewards must be psychological as well as financial, and strive for an atmosphere where each individual can share the adventure and excitement of working at Apple.

Good Management — The attitudes of managers toward their people are of primary importance. Employees should be able to trust the motives and integrity of their supervisors. It is the responsibility of management to create a productive environment where Apple values flourish.

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