Preserving the Apple ][ Way.

This site contains links to Apple 2 and related 6502 resources.

Besides the technical stuff, the main goal is to preserve the culture that inspired and sustained the Apple 2 for 20 years as an Apple product, and beyond.

In days of old (before 1980), things were different:

- Men named Steve built computer hardware.

- Students carried logic probes in their pockets and studied electrical engineering and computer science

- Companies built add-in cards for Apple 2s.

The Apple ][ had these features:

- Clean, elegant design (inside and out)

- End-user expandability and programmability

- Sharing and learning - published hardware and software documentation available to all

- Broad appeal to both hardware hackers, programmers, business people, and consumers

- Trust that the user could do the right thing.

These values are even more important today than they were 30 years ago.

When confronted with a problem today, just ask yourself: WWWD (What Would Woz Do) ;-)

For more details on the philosophy, check out some of the links to the left

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